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Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal Service:

Safe Rescue Virus / Spyware Removal service:

By the time someone brings us their computer, generally every "free" option you could find on the web has been applied.  The reality it was something you got for free that caused the problem and the "virus" guys actually own most of the free removal products on the web today.

We all use the term "virus" very loosely.  Virus's these days are easily stopped with the most basic software included with your machine from Microsoft (Microsoft Security Essentials).

It’s the programs that piggy back on other installs, are inside a YouTube video, or part of some free DVD clone software.

This complicates the removal process, Locks the machine down and puts the customer into a panic if they will ever see their pictures or music again.

While a few of the virus's out there do wipe files very few do and while your machine is locked up and unrecoverable by average users or the kid down the street.  We can rescue your computer and files.  The expertise to avoid wiping the entire drive to fix a bootloader lockdown is not common and you can't just buy a disk and fix it or we would sell that instead.

  • We take the least intrusive approach.
  • First remove the programs, bootloaders, and virus's
  • Repair the damage they caused.
  • If damage is beyond repair we recover your files and then rebuild the machine reloading back to factory fresh
  • Then reinstall your files, we try to avoid this type of repair as it effects programs and email.  It doesn't make for happy customers but its not as troublesome as worst case scenerio.
  • The worst case is the wipe and reload.  We avoid this at all cost.  It takes longer and can be done by users themselves most times while rarely done with the expertise to make the machine run better.

For the best possible recovery of your data. STOP. Shut it down and send it to us to avoid further data loss

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