Business computer down:

Our company PC is down, we can`t work with out it?
Our next-day-repair policy promises you will have your PC back the following business day. Device services: We collect your computer at the end of business, service & completed diagnostics after hours to ensure your device is delivered the following business day as early as possible. This will lower any downtime may have been caused by a missing business computer crucial for your day-to-day aperations.

No fix, no fee policy:

What is this policy & how do you qualify?
If our technician is unable to repair your problem on-site, due to shortage of hardware components, software installation software or further in-office diagnostics is recommended, no fee is will be charged to the client. For in-office repairs, if our sales team are unable to acquire compatible replacement components for your damaged device, no diagnostic or labor fee is charged. Terms & Conditions apply, for more info click here.

Worried about your personal data

Worried about your data when your device is in for repairs?
Our technicians hear this question often. Not as our competitors do, our company policy is to make a double back-up, encrypted, to our server before any repairs or diagnostics are started. 

Sentimental, older PCs:

I have an older model computer, can you fix it?
Global PC Solutions stock replacement components for most makes and models. With this inventory and well selected suppliers we stock or are able to special order any required compatible replacement hardware component required to repair your device, giving us a 90% successful repair rate.

F.A.Q. page question


What is "next-day-service"?
We have a well stocked inventory for Desktop PCs and laptops as well as well trained and experienced repair technicians to enable us to return your repaired device the next following business day.

Next-day-service cost:

What is the cost for "next-day-service"?
Global PC Solutions` moto is to build long term relationships and therefor treat all repairs as priority labor at no cost to our client.

Warranties on repairs:

Does your service carry any warranties?
All repairs carries a warranty as specified on work order. Our experienced technicians have refined our techniques to ensure our repairs works and lasts. Unlike our competition we provide warranty on certain software solutions or installation, providing our technicians instructions or settings is followed.

Hidden costs:

Previous repair companies final invoice showed a higher amount as initially quoted. Do you have any hidden costs?
We at Global PC Solutions do full diagnostics on all faulty devices. This ensures the estimate you receive from our sales team will be the exact amount we invoice you.