Laptop repair department

At Global PC Solutions we pride ourselves with our Laptop department repair success rate, since 2008 the Repair Success Rate is 93.8% since 2008 when Global PC Solutions was founded. Our laptop repair department has seen a great demand for this service since 2015. Our technicians are well experienced and trained to repair most well-known brands and models as well as less known or imported models. We stock a broad range of a lot of replacement hardware components to ensure quick repair time.  If we don`t have the required component in stock, Global PC Solutions have well selected, reliable suppliers to meet all our needs.

We stock replacement components for all mayor brands:

BenQ, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, Dell, MSI, Sony, Bell, Compaq, Gigabyte, Lenovo, Acer, HP, and more.

Global PC Solutions provide you with two choices when repairing/upgrading your laptop or notebook.  Choice 1, new components straight from the manufacturer at below market price.  Choice 2, our customers favourite, refurbished replacement components.

What is refurbished or factory serviced components?

Factory Serviced and Refurbished products are items which have been returned to an authorized factory repair facility for testing, inspection, and repair, or which have been repaired by certified technicians. Please note that some recertified items may have marks, scratches, or other slight signs of wear. All factory service products carry the applicable manufacturer’s warranty and complies with our Terms and Conditions.

Benifits of refurbished or factory serviced products:

Refurbished components are 45 ~ 65% cheaper than new components.

Global PC Solutions have a well ranged and stocked inventory.  We have replacement components for most laptops and notebooks.  We even stock components for those older laptops and components that was discontinued by manufacturers.

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Laptop brands we support:


Parts and components we repair and stock

  • LCD / LED hinges.
  • LCD / LED replacement screens.
  • LCD inverter {older models}
  • USB ports.
  • LCD / LED display flat wire.
  • Wifi / Bluetooth cards.
  • DVD-ROM [internal/external]
  • Charger.
  • DC Jack.
  • Keyboards.
  • Internal flat-wire cables.